pic_cooming_soonThe Internet of Things

The term Internet of Things refer to automatic driven cars, tractors and combined harvesters with built-in Internet acces, even heat pumps, coffee machines, electric kettles, microwave ovens, washing machines and many other things in your household  will be connected to the Internet in the future – making it possible to remote control them form your cell phone from anywhere. As an intermediate step we can have semi-automtic cars with voice control instead of a steering wheel. Computers and mobile phones with touch-screens you talk to instead of using the mouse and keyboards.

In the years to come, it is expected that the Internet of Things (IoT) technology will revolutionize our way of living even more than the cell phone revolution allready has done.

Other applications are remote controlled lawn movers, automatic forward booking of a parking place in parking lots and surveillance system that does not rely on video, but on detectors that can sense the presense of a human body in a room. GPS surveillance of prisoners with electronic tags. Some hard criminals can only get parole if the agree to carry an electronic GPS tag for a number of years, etc. GPS tracking of your stolen items, like computers, TV, Hi-Fi safes, etc. Fingerprint activated locking systems in your car, house or flat. Fingerprint and non-alcohol control of the ignition system in your car. ATM’s machines with fingerprint or iris recognition, and semi-automatic surgery robots.

At the intersection of electronics and medicine, the application includes automatic administration of insulin and bloodsugar control for diabetics and automatically controlled, combined pacemakers/heart starters for patients with heart problems. The normal operation mode is as a pacemaker, but as soon as the heart stops, the heart starter takes over and transmit an alarm to the hospital or emergency service with the GPS co-ordinates of the patient – just to mention a few applications.


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