Read OpenStax: “Introductory Statistics” Online

Online Lectures:

Statistics Lecture 1.1: The Key Words and Definitions For Elementary Statistics

Statistics Lecture 1.3: Exploring Categories of Data, Levels of Measurement

Statistics Lecture 1.5: Sampling Techniques. How to Develop a Random Sample

Statistics Lecture 2.2: Creating Frequency Distribution and Histograms

Statistics Lecture 3.2: Finding the Center of a Data Set. Mean, Median, Mode

Statistics Lecture 3.3: Finding the Standard Deviation of a Data Set

Statistics Lecture 3.4: Finding Z-Score, Percentiles and Quartiles, and Comparing Standard Deviation

Statistics Lecture 4.2: Introduction to Probability

Statistics Lecture 4.3: The Addition Rule for Probability

Statistics Lecture 4.4: The Multiplication Rule for “And” Probabilities.

Statistics Lecture 4.5: Probability of Complementary Events with “At Least One”

Statistics Lecture 4.7: Fundamental Counting Rule, Permutations and Combinations

Statistics Lecture 5.2: A Study of Probability Distributions, Mean, and Standard Deviation

Statistics Lecture 5.3: A Study of Binomial Probability Distributions

Statistics Lecture 5.4: Finding Mean and Standard Deviation of a Binomial Probability Distribution

Statistics Lecture 6.2: Introduction to the Normal Distribution and Continuous Random Variables

Statistics Lecture 6.3: The Standard Normal Distribution. Using z-score, Standard Score

Statistics Lecture 6.4: Sampling Distributions Statistics. Using Samples to Approx. Populations

Statistics Lecture 6.5: The Central Limit Theorem for Statistics. Using z-score, Standard Score

Statistics Lecture 7.2: Finding Confidence Intervals for the Population Proportion

Statistics Lecture 7.3: Confidence Interval for the Sample Mean, Population Std Dev — Known

Statistics Lecture 7.4: Confidence Interval for the Sample Mean, Population Std Dev — Unknown

Statistics Lecture 7.5: Confidence Intervals for Variance and Std Dev. Chi-Squared Distribution.

Statistics Lecture 8.2: An Introduction to Hypothesis Testing

Statistics Lecture 8.3: Hypothesis Testing for Population Proportion

Statistics Lecture 8.4: Hypothesis Testing for Population Mean. Population Std Dev is Known.

Statistics Lecture 8.4: Hypothesis Testing for Population Mean. Population Std Dev is Unknown.

Statistics Lecture 8.6: Hypothesis Testing Involving Variance and Standard Deviation.

Open Textbooks:
  1. Diez, Barr and Çetinkaya-Rundel: OpenIntro Statistics
  2. Lane: Online Statistics Education:  A Multimedia Course of Study
  3. Download Mystat and install the program and the manuals. You will find an excellent 2200+ pages textbook about Statistics. (Located in the Mystat folder in the Start menu (Windows)).


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