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v/Willy Nørgaard Olesen, BSc & MA

Pontoppidanstræde 97E

DK-9220 Aalborg East


Business Hours: Monday – Saturday 8.00 CET to 20.00 CET- Outside these hours a 50 % surcharge applies.

PRICE: 0,08 EUR per source word for translation

PRICE: 45,00 EUR per hour for consulting

CVR: DK18474530

Phone: + 45 8194 8429

E-Mail: danlinguistic@gmail.com

Web-Site: http://www.easy-danish.net

I have just undergone surgery for prostate cancer. I am curred from the cancer, but i am in post-operation recovery until Marts 2019, and therefore not avaiable for translation- and programming work until then, in the meantime I am doing proof-reading jobs, supplemented by “supplerende kontanthjælp!

I have worked both as a freelance and in-house translator in London, Denmark( Frederikshavn & Aalborg) and Sweden (Malmø & Gothenborg) for the past 26 years and studied for various degrees at university alongside.

I am an academic member of Microsoft Developer Network and Apple Developer.

As, 90 % of all translation work always has been carried out by freelance translators working from their home, rather than employees in the companies, I have been working as a freelance translator since 1990.

Fixed price for academic translation: 0,08 USD per source word and a fixed payment term of 14-30 days after invoice date.

Fixed hourly rate: 40,00 USD

I am currently studying the folowing distance courses at university:

Oracle University: Oracle Certified Associate Java SE 8 Programmer I, Exam 1Z0-808 (OCA) – (Completed)

Oracle University: Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 8 Programmer II, Exam1Z0-809 (OCP)

Oracle University: Oracle Certified Associate 12c Administrator, Exam 1Z0-061 + Exam 1Z0-62 (OCA) – (Completed)

Oracle University: Oracle Certified Professional 12c Administrator, Exam 1Z0-063 (OCP)

BA Minor in Ancient History and Culture

  • Course 1: Ancient History and Culture of Greece – (Completed with pass)
  • Course 2: Ancient History and Culture of Rome – (Completed with pass)
  • Course 3: Studies in Ancient History
  • Course 3: Religion, Literature, and History of Ideas
  • Course 3: Art and Archaeology in Antiquity
  • Course 4: Thematic Studies in Classical Archeology and Ancient History
  • Course 4: Methods in Studying Antiquity
  • Course 4: Dissertation

BSc in Computer Science


Degree Certificates:

BA Minor








Internal Translation Work





1976 – 1979 HF Degree from Ballerup HF Kursus, Copenhagen, Denmark. (With SU)
1980- 1982 2 years Basic Social Science from University of Roskilde, Denmark. (RUC) (With SU)
1983 – 1983 BA in Social Work at Aalborg University (AAU) (With SU)
1983 – 1984 60 ECST courses in Psychology at Institute of Psychology at Aarhus University, Courses in Basic Psychlogy and Neurology, Risskov. (ÅU) (With SU)
1984 – 1986 2years Diploma Course in Global Development from University of Gothenburg, Sweden. (GU) (With SU)
1987 – 1989 MA Degree in International Relations from University of Kent at Canterbury, England. (UKC) (With SU)
2009 – 2011 BSc. Degree in Global Studies, & International Relations from University of Gothenburg, Sweden. (GU) (With SU)
2011 – 2016 BA Student in English Language, Literature, and Translation & German Language at Aalborg University, Denmark & University of Gothenburg, Sweden. I finished English in January 2016. (AAU/GU) (With SU)
2017 – 2023 BSc Program in Computer Science at Open University, United Kingdom


1976 – 1980 I have been trained as an Electronic Technician in Fona Radio A/S,  Copenhagen – a Danish radio chain store.

1989 – 1990 Full-Time Student job at Svendborg City Library, Denmark. Writing MA Thesis alongside.

1990 – 1996 Own Translation Company in Frederikshavn.

1996 – 2000 Own Translation Company in Frederikshavn. Subcontractor for the now defunct Teknik-Text AB, Gothenburg,  Sweden.

2000 – 2001 Full-Time Danish Language Consultant at the now defunct Teknik-Text AB, Gothenburg,  Sweden. (Working in Sweden 5 days a week and going home to my girlfriend and fiancee in Copenhagen on the weekends and holidays.)

1990 – 2011 Own Translation Company in Frederikshavn. Subcontractor for the now defunct ITD AB, Sweden.

2009- 2011 Own Translation Company in Gothenburg, Sweden.

2011 – Own Translation Company in Gistrup and Aalborg.

2015 – 2015 Full-Time internal translator at Datamarked Aps for 3 months, where I translated their companion webshop Skilteproduktion from Danish to English.

2014 – 2016 Lahdeli Marked and Jylland Marked. Doing accounts in the shop alongside my university studies.

2013 –          Own Translation Company in Aalborg/ Various student/translation jobs in Aalborg